Virtual Pilgrimage

This special ecumenical online pilgrimage has been created by pilgrim-filmmaker Michael M. Conti, who took the 85 mile “Hildegard Way” through the Nahe river region in Rhineland-Palantinate in Germany. It was an inspiration from Dr. Annette Esser, the founder of Scivias Institute for Art and Spirituality. Dr. Esser speaks in character as “Hildegard” at 10 stations along the trail and gives a small glimpse into the many teachings of Saint Hildegard.

Dr. Esser speaks as “Saint Hildegard” at 10 Stations along the way.

The virtual pilgrimage will conclude on Saint Hildegard’s Feast Day on Sept 17 with Matthew Fox’s special presentation.

September 2020 Virtual Pilgrimage

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