Art and Healing (engl.)

with Caroline Mackenzie, Catholic Artist, trained in London and at the Ashram of Jyoti Sahi in India, England.

Further Information:

Some of her sculpture you can see here.

Her Report on the Conference

The most vivid impression that remains with me is how body, psyche and spirit were all engaged in a European Christian context.  As a woman and artist, I felt integral to this process and not an invisible silent bystander as I often do in Christian contexts in the West. The variety of experiences over the three days grew out of the root of Hildegard’s life.  How she lived her vision was an inspiration and a challenge to each person at the conference.  The space in the opening meditation for each one to articulate her or his understanding of a vision was most welcome. ...  Read more



Cura corporis

mit Klaus Peper, Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin, Naturheilverfahren, Vorstandsmitglied der Internationalen Hildegard-Gesellschaft