The Scivias Institute is a community of leaders & learners. We are a non-profit organization and a registered society in Germany. Being in an ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue, we strive to join into the social and academic discourse in theology, art and science today. We would like to welcome many friends and sponsors as our members.

Please look into the program "Hildegard of Bingen" and "Scivias School of Art(s)" for more information about what we do. Please also look under the rubric "Events" for what is actually going on in the near future. E.g. you might be interested in joing the next International Hildegard Pilgrimage in 2019 or the Opening Event of the Scivias School of Art(s) in 2020. 

Current Information

Pilgrimage in groups

“Unfortunately, the pilgrimages cannot take place in groups. Of course, every pilgrim is invited during this time - the end of which is currently not foreseeable for anyone in our countries - to go on pilgrimage alone or with a partner on the Hildegardweg.

The pilgrim book can be an important companion.

On the website www.hildegardweg.eu you can call up current information on the different stages and hear the nine audiographic texts on the first nine stages of the Hildegardweg.

Pilgrimage hours

The pilgrimage hours do not take place physically on site in Sponheim Abbey, but they do take place in a digital chat room.

We try to provide you with a video of the pilgrimage hour Friday. April 3 at 6 p.m.

Pilgrimage hour 3.4.2020 (If it does not work, please try later)

If you would like to learn more, write a short message to Dr. Annette Esser a.esser@scivias.info.

We hope that we can set up a chat room for all interested parties, this is (almost) a new experience for us. "

Stay healthy!

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Hildegard of Bingen

Find out more about Hildegard of Bingen, her spirituality, her artistic visions, her meaning for the here and now, and the pilgrimage routes and approaches to art and spirituality ...

Current Publication

Das Hildegard von Bingen Pilgerwanderweg.

Hrsg. von Annette Esser und dem Scivias-Institut beim Matthias Ess Verlag.

304 Seiten. ISBN 978-3-945676-35-6.

19,80 €

The next 3 upcoming Events

International Hildegard Pilgrimage


Hildegard Pilgrimage, July 26 - August 9, 2015

This Hildegard pilgrimage was planned in cooperation between Dr. Annette Esser, Scivias Institute, and Prof. Chung Hyung Kyung, Union Theological Seminary, New York. It started July 27 in Cologne and ended on August 9, 2015, in the "land of Hildegard" near Bingen. We had pilgrims from America, Korea and Australia.

Sr. Caroline wrote a good report about the pilgrimage. (see below)