Many people search for a spiritual life, though often not in a traditional way. Being aware of many new spiritual ways as well as of old mystical knowledge, we take up the challenge the Hildegard of Bingen to "sci vias - to know the ways." In searching for a spiritual path today, we are inspired by her vision of the "living light." This has led us to the foundation of our "Scivias Institute" and to start with what we call "scivias work."

Going on a spiritual path today, the connection between spirituality and ethics is fundamenal: Saint Benedict advised: "ora et labora"; mystics named it: "visio et actio"; and Frère Roger challenged political and spiritual people alike when he talked about "lutte et contemplation". The integrity of creation, the work for peace and justice, and the need to come to deal with the media in digital global world today, calls for a spiritually that is profoundly rooted in what Hildegard of Bingen called "ordo virtutum- the order of powers."

Our Scivias-work combines spiritual teaching and learning with forms of artistic expression. For both, spirituality and art represent the two sides of one creative process: there is the light or the source that longs for expression, and, there is an expression or a form or a symbol whose spiritual source needs to be namend. Therefore, we wish for theologians, artists, therapists and other leaders of the Scivias Institute not merely to offer their own individual courses, but to work together in teams. Cooperating in teamwork first means to respect each other and each others contribution as equally valid and important, e.g. psychological or theological insight is no more important as art-work or vice versa. It is yet amazing to realize the spiritual and creative development of body, mind and soul of human beings in a mutual process. Hildegard called this process "synergy - cooperation," for her this is the necessary co-operation between "God" and humans in this period of time.

So, our princple is meditating and working together in a synergetic process!