International Hildegard Pilgrimage July 18-28, 2019

Hildegard Way Pilgrimage Passport with sculpture "Virgin Hildegard" by Annette Esser

July 18-28, 2019, Dr. Annette Esser offers a first international Hildegard Pilgrimage on the new Hildegard Way in the historic land where Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) lived in the 12th century. This Hildegard Way follows a 140 km route from Idar-Oberstein to Bingen along the rivers Nahe and Rhine. On the pilgrimage, we will actually walk (most) of this path. In the center of our path is the Disibodenberg where Hildegard lived for nearly 40 years. We will then take the route via Sponheim (considering her teacher Jutta of Sponheim) and in the end, we will visit the remains of Hildegard's Bingen Monastery at the Rupertsberg and stay at St. Hildegard's Abbey in Eibingen. What makes this pilgrimage more than just a walk is that we will follow the life & work of the Saint and Doctor of the Church and meditate in depth about what it means for us today. Guding us in this will be the 59 meditation- and information-tableauxs that were compiled under the auspices of the Scivias Institute by Annette Esser and other theologians, musicians and Hildegard-experts. They contain 31 Pilgrim's questions.

The International Hildegard Pilgrimage is offered and organized by the Scivias Institute in cooperation with the Naheland Tourism. We offer:

-Tour guidance by Dr. Annette Esser, initiator of the Hildegard Way, teacher of theology, art & geography

- Accomodation in hotels, simple guesthouses and possibly in the Abbey. (Single rooms are mostly not available.)

- 11 x Beakfast, 8 x dinner and lunch-packets

- Transport of luggage and people at certain days

- Entrances to museums et al.

What you need to bring are hiking boots, a small rucksack for the walks, a pilgrim's book to write down about your reflections and some enthusiasm to take up with the walk and the group.


Please also look into and for the detailed day-by-day-program in the pdf-file underneath.

Costs will be 1,285 Euro. The official application then will have to be taken by the Naheland-Tourism In regards of any legal or insurance questions what counts are also their buisiness conditions (AGB).

For more information and the official application see Naheland - Touristik

Hildegard Pilgrims in Braunweiler (foto mc)

Program of the International Hildegard Pilgrimage July 18-28, 2019

International Hildegard Pilgrimage_2019.pdf (510.1 KiB)

Self-organized pilgrimages

Annette Esser and other teachers of the Scivias Institute offer Pilgrimages in the English language to individuals, small and large-scale groups in English or German language. Dates and program on our website or upon request.
For Pilgrimages on the Hildegard Way in Germany contact Dr. Annette Esser
For Pilgrimages in Italy, following Saint Francis & Saint Claire contact Catherine Anne Lombard & Dr. Kees den Biesen


Sometimes we receive more or less detailed reports on individual events, which we would like to share with you: